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How Is Amanda Related To Tammy And Amy? The Surprising Truth About The 1000-lb Sisters

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Amanda Slaton Background and Appearance on the Show

Amanda Slaton is the cousin of Tammy and Amy Slaton who are the stars of 1000-lb Sisters. She is 42 years old born on 19 Dec 1980 as a Sagittarius. Amanda lives in Kentucky with her husband and four kids. She joined the cast in season 3 which premiered Nov 2021. Amanda was introduced as a motivational figure for Tammy and Amy who were struggling with health and weight issues. Amanda had bariatric surgery seven years prior and lost half her body weight so she shared her experience to help her cousins.

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How Amanda Supports Tammy and Amy Weight Loss Journey

Amanda actively supports Tammy and Amy weight loss efforts. She visits them, monitors their progress, encourages healthy habits and calls them out when they make excuses. Amanda especially worries about Tammy who continues gaining weight and has obesity complications. She fears Tammy may die if she does not change. Amanda also reminds Amy to be careful with her diet and exercise after surgery. She wants both cousins to succeed.

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The Feud Between Amanda and Tammy Over Jerry

A major source of conflict is Tammy boyfriend Jerry Sykes who is a married man having an affair with her. Amanda disapproves thinking Jerry uses Tammy for money and fame while sabotaging her progress. She confronts him telling him to leave Tammy alone often. Tammy defends Jerry despite Amanda advice that he is no good for her. Their feud escalates when Jerry proposes to Tammy with a ring pop. Amanda calls him a jerk but Tammy accepts and tells Amanda to mind her own business.

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How Amanda Deals with Online Hate and Trolls

Amanda has received a lot of hateful comments online since being on the show. She tries to ignore them rather than react knowing trolls just want to make her feel bad about herself. Amanda focuses on the positive fans who appreciate her honesty. She shares family photos and life updates on her Instagram.

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Amanda Relationship with Her Husband and Kids

Amanda is happily married to her second cousin Michael Halterman. He is a supportive husband who gets along with Tammy and Amy. Amanda has four kids from her previous marriage to Michael brother Jason who cheated on her. Amanda remains close with her grown children though divorced who accept Michael as their stepdad.

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Amanda Hopes and Dreams for the Future

Amanda hopes to keep living a healthy and happy life with her family. She wants to travel the world, pursue photography and art and write a book. She also hopes Tammy and Amy achieve their goals with Tammy leaving Jerry for real love. Amanda dreams they will stay close as a family above all.

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