28 Jul, 2023

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90-Day Fiancé: Syngin Colchester’s Dark Past With Tania, Confirms A Return With New Season

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Syngin Colchester

Syngin Colchester is one of the famous castmates of 90 Day Fiancé. He debuted in season 7 with Tania Moduro of his original franchise. Things have adversely changed because of their first appearance. After a couple of years of marriage, the duos got separated.

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Syngin debuted In New Brand Look

In an interview, a 90-Day Fiancé Celebrity, Syngin Colchester, debuted the new brand look. Being known for the succulent long locks, he has been chopped off and admitted that his hair carried a trauma. So, he cut them to remove the weight carried on the shoulders.

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Syngin’s Best Decision of ‘Cutting Hair'

Syngin jested that ‘leaving Tania’ and ‘cutting hair’ were his best decisions. He is currently in Thailand with a new girlfriend named Shayna. Though, he didn’t move there because of his Green Card. Read more storylines from Factswow.com and stay informed!

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Syngin’s Traumatic Affair with Tania

Syngin shared some information about his ex, Tania, and was concerned about divorce and citizenship. He disclosed that his relationship with Tania was Traumatic and said that we were so toxic to each other and did not mix as a perfect couple. We tried to be beloved friends, but it worsened.

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Tania wished For Something New

The 90-Day Fiancé did not know that Maduro dated a woman. Syngin said Tania was trying to find something ‘New’ in her life and express herself inversely. The individual from South Africa revealed the reason behind the delayed divorce.

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Tania Refused to take care of Syngin

90 Day Fiancé Syngin revealed when he faced a motorcycle accident in Thailand and conveyed his thoughts about his ex-wife, who refused to look out for him or offer him love. It was a reason for being warned by Tania not to ride a bike.

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Tania Refused Syngin’s Last Name

Syngin opened up about the denial of Tania that she rejected to take his last name when the couple tied the knot. He felt it ‘peculiar’ and ‘strange.’ Read more of such latest and spellbinding stories from Factswow.com and stay updated with the Hollywood industry.

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Syngin’s Return With Shayna

Syngin welcomed love again by dating Shayna. He is set to return on a new spin-off of 90 Day Fiancé with his beloved partner and revealed some interesting information. Discover the couple’s full review only at Factswow.com.

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