Psychology Behind The Celebrity Worshipping: Loving Our Favourite Celebrity

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The Power Of Empathy

When we interact with other humans, we tend to guide ourselves like an emotional yardstick. We read the body language of that person and try to understand how they are feeling. If the person is physically available, we may have a tactile experience that bolsters our emotional response

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But, since it is not possible to get in physical contact with celebrities, we start to fantasise about them, just like a fictional character in the book. We start to feel really close to that celebrity by knowing about their every detail, thanks to the media.

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Why We Get Obsessed With Celebrities

In an interview with Dr. Yamalis Diaz, NYU Langone psychologist, she explains the reasons behind why the human brain responds the way it does when someone worships a celebrity.

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As an expert in adolescent and child psychology, she commented that Teens and young adults are at a “very sensitive developmental period.” During this phase, identity forms cause us to love and adore celebrities that seem more popular, beautiful, or cool.

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Dr. Daiz noted, “People essentially value and reinforce these celebrities in the way that teenagers wish people would see them. It could be that they want to be like [them] or just want to love this person because of how amazing they are.

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For example, there are swifties out there in the world globally representing the fanbase of mega pop-star, Tayler Swift. Since Tayler projects the image of being relatable and being an underdog, many of her fans can easily imagine themselves in her place.

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Moreover, the intervention of the media and the internet only fuels fans’ obsession with their celebrations. Dr. Diaz highlighted that fans have access to the constant and personal lifestyle of their celebrities

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She articulates the consequences by saying, “That is the reason we’re seeing the obsession take over in a much bigger way

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This study access also resulted in constant dopamine release. She said, “Dopamine also plays a role in how teenagers become so obsessed with certain celebrities because every time they consume information, every time they see a new video, every time they see a new post, every time they go live … their dopamine circuitry is being dinged

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This dopamine-filled news eventually results in fans worshipping their celebrities, attending their concerts, stalking them, and whatnot.

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Another Side Of Celebrity Worshipping

Psychologically, there are many traits in individuals who worship their favourite celebrities. For example, young individuals in particular can have concerns about their bodies. They may want to look similar to their ideal, making them more prone to cosmetic surgeries

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Similarly, these types of fans may also have more tendency to compulsive buying, stalking, and dissociation.

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Those who indulge in celebrity worship are more likely to suffer from mental problems such as anxiety, social dysfunction, and clinical depression.

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