Disorder over Dinner! The man shut down after dismissing her Girlfriend!

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Posted on: 24 Jun, 2022

After recovering from an eating disorder at dinner with his family, a man dismissed his Girlfriend. A new post on the internet

Posted on the internet

A woman under the username Hangryhippoh posted her story on infamous Reddit. The post got popular that was covered with over 12,000 upvotes and 1000 comments

Situation explained

In the background, she mentioned, 'I am recovering from an eating disorder, and if I am hungry, I need to eat. If I don't eat when I am hungry, that becomes my habit

Plan for an out

She and her boyfriend planned to visit his aunt's house for dinner at 6:30. The family gets gathered, and the couple gets there at 4. After an hour and a half at the house, the original poster started to feel hungry

My boyfriend got upset

She offended his family by eating snacks before dinner, so her boyfriend got upset. He told her that she could have waited for an extra hour to eat at dinner time

Eating disorder

In the world, 9 percent of people are affected by eating disorders. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, United States, 28.8 Americans experience an eating disorder

Symptoms of disorder

Eating disorders include not wanting to eat in public, dramatic weight loss, not eating certain foods, fear of gaining weight, and lots of exercise

The action of boyfriend on comments

The top comments with 13,000 upvotes are, 'you are exactly correct, and your boyfriend is more concerned with appearances than your well-being

'Your boyfriend not really understands the importance of your recovery, making sure that rules are followed to prevent a relapse

'He is more worried about what his family thinks than your health

'Sounds like your boyfriend doesn't care about your eating disorder, though

'To please his family your boyfriend wanted you to jeopardize your health

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