Death of woman and dog due to strike of lightning in Pico Rivera!

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Posted on: 25 Jun, 2022

Summer thunderstorms

On Wednesday, in Pico Rivera woman and her dogs are struck and killed by lightning. It is a rare early summer thunderstorm that hammered South California.


Mendoza was walking with her two dogs before 9 a.m. on a path near a riverbed at Mines and Rimbank avenues in the community about 15 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Unpredictable weather

There had markings on the floor to indicate that some powerful entity had struck the asphalt. The weather was unpredictable caution to stay inside that is safe for you.

Lightning flashes

People heard heavy thunder and saw frequent lightning flashes throughout the morning. She used to walk on her daily routine with her dogs around the corner.

Safety notification

The city of Pico Rivera had a statement on Wednesday as they ordered work for all the city crews indoors. They also send out a lightning safety notification.

Today’s incident

The incident is a potent reminder that people and organizations must exercise extreme caution and stay indoors as much as possible during a thunderstorm.

Lightning fatalities

National Weather Service Storm Data said that they have an average of 43 reported lightning fatalities per year over the last 30 years. From 2009 to 2019, the annual average was 27 fatalities.

Killed by lightning

According to the NWS, about 10 percent of the people were struck by lightning. The odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are 1/1,222,000, and the struck in your lifetime is 1/15,300.

Cause of thunderstorms

Some monsoon moisture causes thunderstorms that move into your area overnight, bringing scattered rain showers and dry lightning. They frequently occurred about 3,700 lightning strikes in the region on that day.

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