California’s Vegan Camping Festival Returns This October - Live the Moment and Enjoy the Fun-filled Event

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Making a Great Comeback

Gear yourself up because the kind hearted campout is making its comeback this year!

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Make an Uproar in your Camping Experience

Are you looking forward to an event that will hoist your spirit? Do you want to make an uproar on your camping experience? What better way to alleviate your moods and get your energy started other than gearing up for the third annual Kind Hearted Campout that will take place from October 5 to 8?

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A Blend of Purposeful Living

This event is organized by Kind Heart Coalition and it is Situated in the serene Harrison Serenity Ranch, on Palomar Mountain just 55 miles north of San Diego. This eccentric event guarantees a distinctive blend of purposeful mode of living, togetherness and inventiveness.

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Kind Hearted Campout

Kind Hearted Coalition, a team devoted to creating an oasis for all social justice movements will host the event. The event’s integral foundation is to offer an all-round program that will hem in everything from workshops to conversations to yoga and to parties. “Inclusiveness is our greatest priority. By keeping the registration costs low and partnering with sponsors and donors, we can ensure that no one is excluded,” said Melanie Bazzell, co-founder of Kind Heart Coalition.

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A vegan Camping Event

The kind hearted campout is an all-vegan camping experience, so all tasty meals and beverages will be provided by vegan idols. Comestible variations from acclaimed sponsors such as Bear Bar, Local Roots Kombucha, and Forager, will mark an unforgettable taste sprout, so you are in for a marvelous treat!

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It’s a Family-Friendly Event

The best part about the event is that it is a family-friendly event, so you are allowed to bring in your kids or even pets.

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It’s Coming in With an Extra Treat

You will receive a t-shirt created and designed by a local artist to help you commemorate your active participation in the event. Also in addition to amazing foods and beverages, you will get to enjoy workshops from proficient individuals such as community organizer Gwenna Hunter, PETA’s grassroots protest campaigns manager Matt Braun, and documentary filmmaker Raven Deerbrook. You will also receive mentorship and trainings in nonviolent communication and strategic messaging for animal rights by Eva Hamer.

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Mark the Date!

You can attend kind hearted campouts from October 5 to October 8 this year, so get ready for plant-based fun activities. If you want to make an early booking, visit to get yourself a space. I mean what better way to have fun, other than participating in an all-round activity? Hook yourself up and don’t forget to have fun! Mark the date!

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