21 Jul, 2023


Alleged disappearance of Carlee Russell and returned home safely!

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Carlee Russell!

Nursing student Carlee Russell from Hoover, Alabama (the Birmingham metro region) reported being kidnapped on July 13, 2023. There was a lot of press coverage about the purported disappearance.

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Carlee on 911 calls!

On July 13, at 9:34 p.m., Carlee contacted 911 and reported seeing a little child, maybe a boy, strolling alone in the adjacent woods while wearing a white shirt and diaper. The 911 operator instructed her to remain in her car until aid came when she pulled over with her hazard lights on.

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Camera footage released!

When Russell pulled over, got out of her red Mercedes, and walked to the passenger side of the car, according to traffic camera footage later provided by the police. Still, when the officers arrived three minutes later, Russell had vanished.

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Explaining the situation!

On Saturday night, Carle returned home safely on foot, and she spoke with police and told that she got out of the vehicle to check on the toddler; she witnessed a guy emerge from the woods, who 'mumbled that he was checking on the baby, then picked her up and took her over a fence and into a car.'

Media Credits: NPR

Return home safely!

Russell returned home on foot just before 10:45 p.m. on Saturday, some 49 hours after she vanished, ending a two-day nationwide search.

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Russell said to investigators!

Russell told police that the next thing she remembered was being in a truck trailer with a lady and a man with orange hair while hearing a baby scream.

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Post and comments were disabled!

Thomas deleted the post and photos relating to Carlee from his page, where his comments were also disabled, so it is unclear where he stands with Carlee. So the investigation into her disappearance remains open.

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Post on Instagram!

Thomas Latrell Simmons, the alleged boyfriend of Carlee, shared on the Instagram post that she fought for her life for 48 hours until she was mentally and physically stable again. She is not able to give updates on her kidnapper at this moment.

Media Credits: Distractify

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