Zendaya Shocking Transformation In Euphoria Season 3 Teased By Creator Sam Levinson

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What is Euphoria and who is Zendaya character Rue?

Euphoria is an HBO teen drama that follows a group of high schoolers facing issues like addiction and trauma. Zendaya plays Rue who is the sarcastic and self-destructive 17-year-old narrator who struggles with bipolar disorder and drug addiction as she tries to cope with problems by escaping reality.

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What happened to Rue in season 2?

Rue faces consequences for her addictive behavior and relationships in season 2. She confronts her mental illness, strained family dynamics, feelings for Jules and Lexi and threats from Nate Jacobs. Flashbacks also explore her past including how she became addicted to drugs after her father died when she was 13.

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What are Sam Levinson plans for Rue in season 3?

Creator Sam Levinson wants to challenge Zendaya by putting Rue through a shocking transformation, hitting rock bottom facing new enemies and discovering secrets that will stun her and the audience. He chose this to portray addiction and adolescence in a realistic emotional way.

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How did Zendaya prepare for her role in season 3?

Zendaya prepared through extensive research, training and practice to understand addiction and mental illness. She also trained physically and mentally to achieve Rue's look and skills. She faced challenges like intense pressure, long hours and the emotional toll of the dark role.

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How did the fans and critics react to Zendaya performance in season 3?

Fans and critics raved about Zendaya's bold transformation, emotional performance, versatility and charisma in season 3. She won Emmys, Golden Globes, Critics' Choice and SAG awards for her acting and became the youngest lead drama actress Emmy winner ever.

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What are the other plotlines and characters of season 3 and how do they relate to Rue?

Euphoria season 3 will explore several other interconnected plotlines and characters Jules' storyline dives into her identity, sexuality and past trauma as she grapples with guilt over leaving Rue, complex feelings for various love interests and family issues with her estranged father and absent mother.

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Nate strives to maintain his reputation and control after being exposed by Jules while also dealing with his volatile attraction, obsession and hatred towards various characters including Jules and Rue and his abusive history with father Cal.

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Maddy seeks empowerment pursuing her passions and forging new connections after breaking up with Nate attempting to find confidence and independence after his mistreatment of her.

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Fezco navigates protecting his loved ones, his conscience and his drug business after robbing a dealer and balancing the various aspects of his complicated life.

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Lexi explores her sexuality, overcoming self-doubt and finding her voice after being ignored, while also sorting out her feelings for Rue, Cassie and new character Elliot.

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