19 Apr, 2023


What Is the True Story Of War Dogs?

By FactsWow Team

Adapted from true events

Even though the movie War Dogs was based on real events, the true story differed from the one in the movie.

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An actual story, War Dogs

Despite some embellishments, War Dogs is a true story with a lot of truth to it despite the premise alone.

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Embracing the oddity is much fun

The Todd Phillips movie gives this crime story much humor. They are responsible for arming allies of the United States with weapons in Afghanistan as part of Efraim and David's contract.

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Make an extra income

Their globetrotting adventure takes them into the dirty world of corrupt politicians and violent arms dealers as they attempt to make extra money.

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Some elements are dramatized

It is hard to believe that a true story inspired War Dogs. Nevertheless, the core story in War Dogs remains true to reality, despite the dramatization of certain elements.

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What The War Dogs Film Gets Right

It's hard to find anything wrong with War Dogs. As a result of Rolling Stone's detailed coverage, the story gained widespread attention.

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Publication of article

As a result of Guy Lawson's article, Phillips' biopic, Arms and the Dudes, was based on Guy Lawson's article.

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Their real-life stories

Phillips' work with Stephen Chin and Jason Smilovic was accurate and insightful throughout the book. Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz tell very real stories about their lives.

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Sold sheets eventually

Upon reuniting with his old high school friend, Packouz became a massage therapist and eventually sold sheets he bought through textile companies overseas.

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Getting to know the arms trade

While Diveroli was sent off midway through high school to Los Angeles, he worked with his uncle selling guns and learning about arms dealing and then partnered with Packouz to expand.

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Deals on disposable items

With his expertise, Efraim outbid larger companies for smaller, more disposable deals at 18 years old and became a millionaire.

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Contracts relating to weapons

Including the website the Department of Defense used to post weapon contracts for public auction. How he acquired this insight and used it is all factual.

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The image conveyed was shocking

Due to Jonah Hill's conviction as Diveroli, the War Dogs movie conveyed a shocking picture of Diveroli's life.

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Military heads meeting

There was a lot of subtlety and depth to the characters and stories in this book. It's true that both the pair got high before meeting with military heads, adding to the situation’s absurdity.

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Based on a true story

Some theorists have speculated that Ana De Armas was added to the movie to create conflict, but she was based on a real person.

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