Tragic love stories

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Anna Karenina

Anna karenina in the movie has a perfect life. She has a happy family with her husband, a wealthy bureaucrat, and their son, but then she begins what becomes a very public affair with a handsome count. Their relationship quickly breaks up, along with her place in society. Disgraced, shamed, and heartbroken, Anna has a lonely death on the Russian railroad.

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West Side Story

If you love Romeo & Juliet like I do, then this movie will also capture your heart. The story is set in 1950s New York City, where the love of teenagers Maria and Tony is doomed by their connection with rival gangs. But despite this strong hatred between their gangs they carry on a secret romance however, as war between the gangs increases their love ends in a tragedy.

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I have watched Titanic a lot of times over the years and the story still brings tears to my eyes. In this 1997 film, rich young lady Rose meets working-class Jack aboard the Titanic. Jack and rose start a loving affair which leads rose to leaving her fiancé, with whom she was not in love with, and her sheltered life, which bores her. Their plans to run away together are destroyed when the ship sinks following a collision with an iceberg. While Jack sacrifices his life to save rose in the icy waters of the Atlantic, Rose goes on to live a long, kind life due to her brief time with Jack.

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Romeo and Juliet

You can't speak of tragic love stories without listing Romeo and Juliet. The love of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, is doomed by their families who are enemies. Despite this hate, Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight and secretly marry but are prevented from being together for fear of their families’ disapproval. Seeking a way to be together, Juliet fakes her own death, with devastating consequences. Romeo & Juliet tragic love story has been acted by various movie houses, just pick the one that best suits your cinematographic taste.

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Love Story

A timeless story of how money gets in the way of love, Love Story centers around Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavilleri, studying law and music respectively, who meet and fall in love but have to face challenges. Between Oliver’s father turning his back on him and frowning upon the two, and Jennifer being diagnosed with cancer, are moments of deep devotion, harmless teasing, and a genuine portrayal of relationships in the ‘70s. This movie Is one of my personal favorites.

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