19 Apr, 2023


The Snowman Explained In-brief!

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Harry Hole 

Harry Hole should have suspected the killer's identity in 'The Snowman' sooner, as it turns out to be someone close to him, revealed in the ending. The film portrays Harry and Katrine Bratt's joint efforts to solve the murders of women with snowmen left as clues.

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The Snowman  

'The Snowman' is a film adaptation of Jo Nesbo's 2007 novel, but it failed to live up to the anticipation of fans and received mixed reviews. Set against a snowy landscape, the film portrays the theme of snowman killings and showcases Oslo's scenic mountains as the shooting location.

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Snowman's Killer 

In 'The Snowman,' Harry and Katrine consider multiple suspects, including Arve Stop and IdarVetelsen, but the real culprit is revealed to be Mathias Lund-Helgesen. Despite several interactions with Harry, the clues evade him until the film's end.

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The Motive Of Snowman's Killer 

'The Snowman' begins with a young boy and his mother confronting his biological father about their affair. The father flees in his car, followed by the mother and the boy. The mother drives onto a frozen lake but refuses to leave the sinking car, leaving the boy to witness her tragic fate.

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Snowman's Killer Linked To Harry Hole 

Harry Hole knows Mathias' identity as he is dating Rakel, Harry's ex-partner. Despite Rakel's apparent move on from Harry, their unresolved feelings are evident. Mathias and Harry maintain a cordial relationship due to his role as a father figure to Rakel's son, Oleg, who is unaware of his biological father. 

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Katrine Linked To Rafto. 

Harry Hole discovers that Gert Rafto, an officer from a previous murder case, had died years ago. Finding clues at Rafto's cabin, Harry realizes that Katrine is Rafto's daughter and is working with him to uncover the truth behind her father's death, as she believes he was murdered. 

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Does Arve Stop Feels Guilty?

Katrine suspects Arve Stop killing her father but cannot prove his involvement in the murders investigated by Harry. Arve is involved in a prostitution ring with Vetelsen, a doctor who becomes a murder victim. While corrupt, Arve's guilt in the murders remains uncertain, and his last scene involves Katrine's unsuccessful attempt to seduce him.

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What happened To Katrine?

Katrine's plan to catch Arve fails as she is captured by the killer, drugged, and killed. Her body is found with a snowman drawn on her car roof, and her severed finger is used to unlock her work tablet, revealing the killer's intentions.

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The Actual Gist Of 'The Snowman' 

The Snowman conveys a powerful message about the impact of childhood trauma and resentment on one's mental state. It tells how these factors can drive a person to madness, as seen in Mathias' character. Childhood trauma and resentment are depicted as underlying motives for the killer's actions in the film.

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