Season 2 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Finale: Who Does Belly Choose?

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So let’s head towards episode 8, which aired on 17 August 2023. This episode left us with a big question which is who does Belly choose? This episode brings a lot of screams, tears, and a roller coaster of emotions.Basically, the two of them were Conrad and on the other hand, it was Jeremiah.

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What happened last season?

Moving towards its finale first we need to know its background. As demonstrated in the first few episodes of season 2, at first Belly and Conrad started to date each other in “It’s not Summer without You” whereas, in the second book, we found that Belly started to make her bond with Jeremiah more.

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Does Belly end up with Conrad or Jeremiah in The Summer I turned pretty?

The Summer I turned pretty is a romantic drama series which is based on author Jenny’s book.As Belly and Jeremiah are all set to tie the knot at Susannah’s iconic beach home. Then she finds out that Conrad is also living there. Hence, then she realises her true love for Conrad, who begins to write romantic letters.

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Thus, when she realises her true love for Conrad, she breaks up with Jeremiah and moves to Spain for her studies. Hence, after the break-up with Jeremiah's belly, remember every moment she spent with Conrad. Six months earlier she remembered how she met Conrad and they both dive into the Fisher’s beach house.

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So this was the place where they both reconnected their souls. Since, after patching up with Conrad she even never told Conrad about Jeremiah, even after many years of dating Jeremiah, this made us think that Conrad was only her true love and this is what was waiting for.

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After her break up with Jeremiah, He again proposes to Belly but this time she accepts his proposal, even though she still has feelings for Conrad. Thus, then at a Bachelor party Belly met Conrad and she overshares her sexual relationship with Conrad this makes Conrad really angry and furious.

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Then here comes the twist, then after listening to this Conrad started to tell Belly about how Jeremiah cheated on her. So then, Belly responded that she already knew all about his affairs. Meanwhile, right after this Conrad again proposed to Belly which only left her in anger.

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Belly thought that he was too late to propose to her. Also, Conrad tells her the reason behind breaking up with her was that he felt like after his mother’s death he didn’t deserve anyone with her. And he begged Belly to call off her wedding with Jeremiah.

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When Belly told everything to Jeremiah that Conrad told her then right after a day before her wedding Jeremiah left thinking that she still loved Conrad.Thus, in the end, Belly and Conrad get married. So hence, belly chooses Conrad.

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