06 Jan, 2023


Robot friend M3GAN is filled with horror, satire, and laughter

By FactsWow Team

The funniest horror story

There's nothing new about killer dolls or technology running amok, but 'M3GAN' takes the genre to new heights with a crisp, funny horror story set about 10 minutes from now.

Media Credits: The Nerds of Color

Parents might find this scary

Having a murderous android companion might sound scary for parents afraid their kids will be glued to screens.

Media Credits: The Nerds of Color

An unintentionally mad scientist

Allison Williams plays a well-intentioned mad scientist whose best-laid plans go wrong in the film, produced by Blumhouse and James Wan.

Media Credits: Empire

A boost to horror credentials

The actress's horror credentials boost when her niece Cady, 9, is suddenly orphaned after her parents were killed in a car accident.

Media Credits: GoldDerby

High-tech toy perfect for kids

Gemma works for a toy company as a roboticist, developing products like Purrpetual Petz, the perfect high-tech toy for a kid buried in a pet.

Media Credits: Greek Tyrant

Takes lessons from children

Gemma wants to make something even cooler, a human-like android that learns from kids and bonds with them.

Media Credits: Vanity Fair

Opportunities for commercialization

In her quest to deal with Cady, Olivia gives her the prototype of the Model 3 Generative Android, or M3GAN, complete with tantalizing commercial possibilities, filling the void in Cady's life.

Media Credits: M3GAN

The wonder of software

The M3GAN software is a marvel. Initially, the only glitches should alarm everyone more than they do, but they are only minor.

Media Credits: The Us Sun

Dedicated to protecting others

As Cady's desire to spare her pain grows fiercer and sometimes deliciously dark and funny, M3GAN's desire to protect her cannot last.

Media Credits: Entainment Weekly

Casualties are mounting

As it builds up to those moments, director Gerard Johnstone takes their time before accumulating casualties and coincidences.

Media Credits: MSN

Build-up is excellent

This is an excellent build-up to those moments, delivered by director Gerard Johnstone intelligently taking his time before casualties and coincidences pile up.

Media Credits: IMDb

Technologically dependent

Cady even becomes a bit of a monster when she is deprived of M3GAN's company, an intelligent commentary on the dangers of relying on technology as a babysitter.

Media Credits: Screen Rant

Communicates effectively

'M3GAN' manages to convey requisite tension and horror within its modest means and the confines of a PG-13 rating while still being a warning and a crowd-pleaser at the same time.

Media Credits: Greek Tyrant

The horror genre has endured

The horror genre has remained steady since the pandemic started, and 'M3GAN' may join that list. If that's the case, it won't be the last Blumhouse movie released.

Media Credits: MSN

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