Movies That Aren't Intended For Children Yet Feel That Way!

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Cinematic tropes!

Some films, like animated ones, ones with talking animals, or those based on IPs, are intended for children. However, spectators often discover this hard way and are astonished by the film's adult content.

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Sausage Party – 2016!

Apart from the animation, Sausage Party is an adult comedy about food that is dirty, disgusting, and wonderfully startling. Parents must ensure their kids stay away from this movie at all costs.

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Barbie – 2023!

Barbie is the most well-known children's toy of all time. Although the movie has a few sexual allusions, it's more probable that young viewers may become bored or fail to grasp the political undertones of the tale about gender and society.

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Gremlins – 1984!

Although Gremlins is marketed as a family film, it has a history of giving young viewers nightmares. The movie's titular Gremlins start as cuddly, fuzzy pets, but their hideous transformation, later on is not particularly kid-friendly.

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Grave of the Fireflies – 1988!

Grave of the Fireflies is a highly serious narrative about battle and death with the studio's distinctive animation style. Everyone may enjoy animation; it is not just a genre for children.

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Watership Down – 1978!

The themes dealt with in Watership Down are serious and highly realistic and are handled in a very depressing way. The themes dealt with in Watership Down are serious and highly realistic and are handled in a very depressing way.

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Ted – 2012!

Ted is a rude and foul-mouthed young bear who grows up to be John's (Mark Wahlberg) drinking and marijuana companion. The movie has crass sexual allusions, foul language, drug usage, and other improper themes unsuitable for kids.

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Batman: The Killing Joke – 2016!

Despite the character's grim and gritty nature and world, many animated Batman films and series have stayed family-friendly. Batman: The Killing Joke, a cartoon from 2016, is intended solely for adults.

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Isle of Dogs – 2018!

The themes of governmental corruption in Isle of Dogs, a stop-motion animated film with a kid protagonist and talking animals, need to be understood by young viewers. Children are not the intended audience for Isle of Dogs, but it's not exactly a movie they should avoid entirely.

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