Melissa McCarthy’s Top 10 Movies That Showcase Her Comedy and Drama Skills

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This raunchy comedy made McCarthy a star. She plays the bras fun-loving Megan stealing laughs with her bold antics. McCarthy makes Megan both larger than life yet revealing unexpected warmth. Her scene-stealing performance earned McCarthy Oscar nomination and MTV Movie Award.

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Can You Ever Forgive Me?

McCarthy stunned critics in this dramedy based on a literary forger memoir. McCarthy as biographer turned faker Lee Israel crafts a complex anti-hero - prickly yet vulnerable, desperate yet clever. Her nuanced work garnered McCarthy her second Oscar nomination.

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The Heat

McCarthy flexes both comedic and action muscles as a renegade Boston cop paired with an uptight FBI agent. McCarthy makes even this buddy cop most absurd scenes sing trading raunchy banter while taking down criminals.

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McCarthy parodies spy thrillers by playing a CIA analyst turned rogue agent. She is a klutzy underdog who becomes a smooth operator using smarts and silliness to complete her mission. McCarthy earned another MTV Movie Award for her winning work.

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The Kitchen

McCarthy stood out as an Irish mob wife who seized power though this crime drama underwhelmed. She compellingly captures her character complexities - loyal and loving yet capable of calculated violence when her family is threatened.

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McCarthy heads an all-female reboot of the beloved supernatural comedy. McCarthy as paranormal researcher Abby provides heart and laughs recreating the original camaraderie with a hilarious new generation. McCarthy witty performance charmed many though divisive.

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The Starling

McCarthy taps into grief and resilience in this poignant Netflix drama. She as a woman reeling from tragedy movingly depicts her character sorrow, outbursts and struggles to heal. McCarthy brings nuance to a story exploring loss, family and forgiveness.

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The Boss

McCarthy powered through this comedy as a brash billionaire despite scathing reviews. The movie failed but she is a force of nature deploying her comedic artillery as an arrogant tycoon redeemed by love. Critics credited McCarthy vigor as a lone bright spot.

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Life of the Party

McCarthy returns to college comedy as a mom joining her daughter on campus. McCarthy strikes familiar chords as a fish-out-of-water rediscovering her spirit though panned as formulaic. Her committed performance was deemed a redeeming quality.

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McCarthy plays the titular hot mess - foul-mouthed and uninhibited in this raucous road trip comedy. McCarthy brought her signature warmth to this abrasive misfit while Tammy crashed with critics. Even her talent glimmers through in this miss.

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