09 Jan, 2023


Know How ‘m3gan’ Hit The Box Office Via Tiktok With Sequel In Development

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James Wan

James Wan was highlighted by fans for being responsible for 'killer doll films,' particularly in Annabelle. This is the sole reason that M3GAN was created with the assistance of screenwriter Akela Cooper.

Media Credits: The Economic Times

Killer Doll Movie for New Generation

James Wan, who created PG-13 movies, said they didn't slay anyone in his earlier doll movies. Annabelle never walks around and gets up. Everyone believes that I am the killer doll man. Hence, I'm making a killer doll film for a new brand generation. Kids nowadays couldn't grow up with the Chucky stuff that we did.

Media Credits: CNN

M3GAN Made Big Records

M3GAN was born big. The Blumhouse, Atomic Monster, and Universal got projections around $17-$20 million with $30.2 Million tickets in Canada or the U.S. marketplace. The analysts predicted over 30% estimate on the box office. Its sequel is already on a fast track to going viral among audiences.

Media Credits: Universal Pictures

M3GAN represents an Incredible Start

M3GAN represents a marvelous and amazing start at the box office. It delivers an original piece of IP, and the pic's success is launched by a New Zealand film producer, Gerard Johnstone. A great beginning between Wan and Blumhouse Atomic Monster, which are about to merge.

Media Credits: The New York Times

James Wan Made an Emotional Movie

Wan said he wanted to create a film that connects and is quite emotional. He dragged Cooper for old-school horror receptivity and fondness for dark humor.

Media Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

M3GAN is Creepy, Touching, and Scary

Wan said that the movie M3GAN played on various levels. It is creepy, touching, emotional, and scary at the same time. He added that he wanted to tend to a piece of work that's more technology-driven than supernatural.

Media Credits: Yahoo

M3GAN On social media

M3GAN fueled a massive viral rate with 86:1 and spotted a hit of around 1.5 billion across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. It trampled on such statistics among audiences like 44% under 25 age group while 53% in the female category.

Media Credits: Mashable

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