David Harbour Saw His Young Co-stars Growing Into Fully Realized Actors

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Stranger Things Star

A renowned star of Stranger Things David Harbour, shared that he has been seeing his co-stars or castmates growing from small kinds into fully realized actors. He admitted that seeing the surprise from their pathways was pleasant.

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David Harbour

David Harbour spoke about his experience watching his young classmates growing up. Debuting in 2016, Stranger Things has taken the world by storm with its heartwarming and nostalgic story about a group of children.

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Incredible Psychic Abilities

The group of kids possessed incredible psychic strengths. David Harbour worked together to avoid the horrors from the alternate dimension by wreaking havoc on their small town of Indiana in Hawkins. Uncover more news from and explore now.

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Stranger Things Season 1

Once Season 1 of Stranger Things aired on the big cinema theatres, its main cast was around 12 years old. The same cast will be in their twenties When its final and fifth season airs on the television screen. Isn't that sound interesting?

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Harbour As Jim Hopper

The actor, David Harbour, reflects on Stranger Things, where he plays an act of Jim Hooper, a paternal role to the younger cast. He shares his thoughts on seeing his castmates grow up on the show. Despite a SAG-AFTRA strike, he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the cast and the fans.

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David's Comments

David Harbour commented, I am sure there is something on your question, yet early on, it was funnier to explore the children's sprouts of 'Stranger Things.' We'd five co-stars in the first season, and the broods kept thriving, but they were like little saplings.

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David Surprised By Young Co-stars

David continues to say that they have put bets on some co-stars, going in diverse roles, and he was wrong on each of them. Hence, it is gratifying yet not rewarding for the next one. However, it has been fascinating to see the children surprising David on this business.

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Stranger Things, Season 1 & 4

While filming Season 1 of Stranger Things, the young actors were given roles that matched around 12 years old. When season 4 was aired on Television in 2022, the roles had aged around 15 years, and they were studying in high school.

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Stranger Things, Season 5

While the show faces delay due to a double strike, Stranger Things will see the child-aged cast members reach adulthood by season 5. While some were in their late teens, the previously teenaged cast is now in their early twenties, making them fully grown adults when they step into their iconic roles one last time.

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