18 Apr, 2023


Dark Avengers: 8 Most Powerful Members In The History Of Marvel

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In the New Avengers comic book series, Gorgon, also known as Tomi Shishido, joined the Dark Avengers in issue number 18. The mutant character took on the identity of his long-time adversary, Wolverine. 

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Iron Patriot 

Norman Osborn, the director of the Dark Avengers, used stolen Iron Man armor to become the Iron Patriot, combining it with the enhanced strength and intelligence from the Goblin Serum that previously turned him into the Green Goblin, as seen in Dark Avengers by Bendis and Deodato.

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Toxie Doxie 

Toxie Doxie, also known as Doctor June Covington, was the Dark Avengers' iteration of the Scarlet Witch. The radical biologist repeatedly altered her own body, granting her a vast array of powerful abilities, including heat blasts and the ability to render herself invisible to machinery.

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Ai Apaec 

In New Avengers number 18, Ai Apaec, a literal god who appears as a frightening creature with the lower body of a spider, snakes for hair, and sharp teeth, joins the Dark Avengers. To impersonate Spider-Man, Norman Osborn offered a genetic modification drug, a formidable addition to the team.

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After Norman Osborn's defeat, Superia, a misandrist with a strong desire for female domination, seized control of H.A.M.M.E.R and the Dark Avengers. Superia has made significant advancements in time travel, power-dampening technology, and the Super-Soldier serum.

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Moonstone acquired her abilities once she fused with a Kree gravity stone and increased her strength, agility, durability, flight, and reflexes. She also has molecular control, intangibility, photokinesis, and gravity manipulation. 

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Son Of Hulk, Skaar 

In New Avengers number 18, Skaar, who inherited gamma powers from his father, the Hulk, and his mother, Caiera the Oldstrong, joined the Dark Avengers. With a double helping of powers, Skaar also possesses the Old Power, which grants him the ability to interface with the planet itself.

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Most famously seen in Civil War, Ragnarok is a cyborg clone of Thor created by Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Criti Noll. He is an evil being who lacks Thor's compassion and murders the hero Goliath, possessing a godly arrogance without the balance of humanity. 

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