Carey Mulligan And Bradley Cooper Shine In the New 'Maestro' Trailer

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Maestro Trailer

Netflix has released a Maestro trailer that features Bradley Cooper as a versatile conductor of Leonard Bernstein. It is the first film directed by Cooper after his zeitgeist-dominating debut of 'A Star Was Born in 2018.

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Best Original Song Oscar

Bradley Cooper's acclaimed 2018 movie, 'A Star Is Born,' was nominated for several awards, including a Best Original Song Oscar, but notably didn't get nominations for Best Actor or Director. He seeks to make up for that with his upcoming film 'Maestro,' in which he stars as Leonard Bernstein and directs the movie.

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West Side Story

The central theme of the upcoming biopic, 'Maestro,' seems to be the 25-year marriage between composer Leonardo Bernstein and the actress and activist Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein, portrayed on screen by Carey Mulligan.

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Cinematographer, Matthew Libatique

In the trailer, Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper portray a couple that flirts, fights, and conducts a 'guess the number' game in Central Park, with the visuals captured in a mix of color and black-and-why by cinematographer Matthew Libatique.

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Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan's portrayal in the movie promises to offer fans of vintage speaking habits a feast of clipped and mid-century enunciations worthy of the Hepburn sisters. Follow for more and keep engaged with the latest headlines.

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Bernstein and Montealegre

Regarding the link between Bernstein & Montealegre, the term 'tumultuous' isn't used for public relations purposes. According to reports, Montealegre first ended her relationship with Bernstein before dating the actor Richard Hart for multiple years. She then returned to Bernstein only after Hart's passing.

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The Couple had three kids

Despite having three children together, Bernstein is believed to have been gay or at least bisexual, maintaining relationships with both men and women throughout his life. Remain up-to-date with and follow us for more interesting storylines.

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Montealegre wrote a Letter

In a letter preserved by the Library of Congress from Montealegre to Bernstein, she wrote, 'You are a homosexual, and may never change. Let's relax in the knowledge that neither of us is perfect.'

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Venice International Film Festival

The upcoming movie produced by a stellar cast and crew: 'Maestro,' provides a wealth of material for an awards-season film. The movie will premiere in Venice next month before its fall theatrical release and debut on Netflix on December 20th.

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Josh Singer & Co-producer Steven Spielberg

Bradley Cooper directed and co-wrote the script for 'Maestro' along with fellow writer Josh Singer. Additionally, he served as one of the movie's co-producers, working alongside Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

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Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein might strike some as an unlikely choice. However, it's worth noting that Cooper once played the Elephant Man on stage without makeup. In other words, the man is an experienced actor with tremendous range and can step into any role needed.

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