Blockbuster Hit; 'Barbie' is projected to bring in $50 million!

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Smash hit!

An agreement that combines her salary and back-end box office bonuses is estimated to net Barbie's 33-year-old actress, who also produced the movie, $50 million.

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The movie ‘Barbie’!

Margot Robbie is earning a lot of money like Barbie. Tom Ackerley, her husband, is also a producer on the movie.

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Worldwide box office!

Greta Gerwig is the highest-earning female director of a live-action film at the international box office, thanks to Barbie, which has so far crossed $1 billion.

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Oscar-winning movie!

With the help of her firm LuckyChap Entertainment, Robbie created Barbie in addition to the Oscar-winning Promising Young Woman and Birds of Prey.

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Gal Gadot to play Barbie!

Robbie chose Greta Gerwig to helm the film and collaborated on the writing with Gerwig's real-life boyfriend, Noah Baumbach. Robbie initially wanted Gal Gadot to play Barbie, but Gerwig convinced her to take the part.

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Barbie- developing the project!

I never aspired to be Barbie or had any comparable aspirations of being Barbie, claimed Robbie. I know that seems ridiculous, but I honestly didn't consider portraying Barbie until years into the project's development,'

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Reached milestone after release!

Robbie revealed to Collider that she pitched Barbie as a movie that might gross $1 billion, a milestone that the movie reached a little over two weeks after it opened.

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The big idea with the director!

In the green-light meeting, she allegedly said, 'I think pitch was that studios which can achieve much and they are bold enough to pair a big idea with a director,' the insider claimed.

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A ton of money for the studios!

She cited the 1993 film Jurassic Park, which started a franchise, as an example of 'naming anything that's been incredible and made a ton of money for the studios over the years.'

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Two films on the same weekend!

The two movies debuted in theatres the same weekend; Barbie and Christopher Nolan's three-hour historical epic Oppenheimer broke attendance records simultaneously.

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