06 Jan, 2023


Black Panther's Wakanda Forever First Lesbian Kiss Discarded By Marvel

By FactsWow Team

Marvel Cinematic Universe

A world of Superheroes saving the earth, planets, and space. Marvel has opened up and introduced a diverse range of superheroes. It has different backgrounds, gender, and sexual violence.

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Lesbian Kiss

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was supposed to be a lesbian kiss. It was shot. Unfortunately didn't make it to the last cut.

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A Marvel Touch

Black Panther gave a nostalgic touch. Fans loved the movie. But certainly, one thing about the movie is bothering the fandom.

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Deleted Scene

A deleted scene of the movie was posted on Reddit. It features Florence Kasumba's Ayo and Aneka, played by Michaela Coel. The shot is scheduled as the last scene of the movie.

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Offer Dora

Ayo comes to Aneka to offer her a Dora. There they have a conversation. Aneka gives a kiss to Ayo on her cheeks. Later Kasumba's Wakandan warrior answers back by Kissing Aneka's lips.

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The Forehead Kiss

But what the viewers watched was Aneka kissing Ayo on her forehead. It’s not a part of the script. In the last scene, Aneka yells at Ayo to duck through a Talocnil Warrior.

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Progressive mentality

Seems like Marvel is promoting the progressive mentality of society. It is reflected in their movies. Unfortunately, the last scene of the lesbian kiss was discarded from the movie.

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