15 Apr, 2023


12+ Movies & Tv Franchises From Mgm Are Being Revived By Amazon

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Robocop And Stargate Are On The List

With the acquisition of MGM in March 2022, Amazon gained access to the many movie and TV franchises the company owns, including Robocop and Stargate. 

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Amazon's Access

At least 12 MGM franchises will be revived for film and TV projects by Amazon. With this, Amazon now has access to various intellectual properties, from James Bond to Legally Blonde

Media Credits: The Wall Street Journal

Benefits To Amazon

According to the report, several franchises are being tapped for early development across both television and film since Amazon plans to take advantage of its recent acquisition of MGM soon. 

Media Credits: The Economic Times

The Important Movies

Stargate and Robocop movies and television series are among the priority movies and TV series for many other franchises involved.

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Amazon's Mgm Franchise Plans

Also being considered for Amazon are Legally Blonde movies and TV series, along with Robocop and Stargate franchises. 

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An Animated Movie

In addition to a movie based on the Thomas Crown Affair, an animated Pink Panther movie is being considered, as well as TV series based on Barbershop, Fame, and The Magnificent Seven. 

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A Tough Competition

Amazon is producing a competition series for James Bond, but no news has yet been released regarding how the character will be adapted for the film.

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Mgm Tie-up With Amazon

MGM franchises have been quiet for a while, but Amazon's massive number of projects based on them suggests a resurgence for them. 

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Access To The Review

The last release of Robocop was Stargate Origins 2018, a series of 10-minute shorts released in 2018. Amazon can revive familiar worlds since there has been no new entry in these and many other MGM franchises for years.

Media Credits: Variety

Chances For Restriction

It is clear how much Amazon wants to take advantage of its many franchises by producing movies and television shows based on MGM properties. 

Media Credits: PhonAndroid

Collaboration Of Mgm And Amazon

With plenty of MGM-based content on its way, Amazon is likely to feature a boon of MGM-based titles soon. Bringing new ideas to media properties like Robocop and Stargate may result in them flourishing under Amazon.

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