15 Apr, 2023

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The Top 8 Makeup Hacks For Picture-Perfect Photos 

By FactsWow Team

Start With Primer 

Proceed with your makeup look by starting with facial Primer. It stores in the fine lines and fades inadequacies that mostly the camera can magnify. So, it is advised to use Primer before applying other beauty products. 

Media Credits: Stylecraze

Take Care Of Your Neck 

Apply the foundation on your jawline. If you don’t use it near your neck, the color difference between your Face and neck can be easily identified in Photos. 

Media Credits: Kelly Snider

Avoid Inverse Raccoon Eyes 

Make a blend of Eye concealer and a little foundation before you apply it to your skin. It helps prevent a Skin-lightening concealer from looking very white while flashing strikes your Face. 

Media Credits: Allure

Mount Your Face Rightly

Apply a little dust Bronzer around the border to smoothen your face's shape and focus on your forehead. It helps you look shiny and creates a good frame of your Face. 

Media Credits: Redbook

Apply Some Powder 

If you have a regular and major T-section shine, do not cut it. Instead, you can try out a blotting powder on your Face to get a toned-skin shape. 

Media Credits: Stylecraze

Support Your Brows

Your Brows can bring out the Bone Structure in your pictures. Hence, you can delicately sketch them using a bit of Pen or Pencil. 

Media Credits: People

Update To Your Liquid Liner 

If you use a Pencil usually, Liquid can outline your eyes more effectively for snapshots and can look natural. Pour a thin layer of line extra-close around your lashes. 

Media Credits: Glaminati.com

Improve Your Blushes 

Do not be afraid to look a little brighter. Make sure to mix near your edges and pick up the Blush that can gleam but not offer clear sparkles. 

Media Credits: Beautynesia

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