05 Jan, 2023

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Pepsi's new ad with Lindsay Lohan is causing controversy

By FactsWow Team

Friendship gatherings

There are so many ways to pair the holidays. The chilly winter nights are perfect for hot chocolate and marshmallows; the formal gatherings with friends are perfect for wine and cheese.

Media Credits: Plum Deluxe

Pepsi helped make it happen

As a result of Pepsi's help, Milk and Cookies have been added to the list. Understandably, you need to know what Milk and Cookies exactly are.

Media Credits: Tyla

The actress hired by Pepsi

This resulted in Pepsi's decision to hire actress Lindsay Lohan to assist in spreading the word about their unique combination.

Media Credits: The Sun

Preparing for Christmas

Using Pepsi and Milk, the Falling for Christmas star prepares a glass of Milk, dressed in a Mean Girls Christmas outfit in a new Pepsi advertisement.

Media Credits: Delish

Astonishment at first

Despite initially being stunned to hear that Pepsi and Milk were mixed, Lohan eventually became a drunk fan.

Media Credits: KLTV

Pepsi partnership

A statement from Lohan describes her experience working with Pepsi on Milk and Cookies as one of the most enjoyable parts of her career.

Media Credits: Glamour

Traditions of the holidays

Pepsi's dirty soda has become a holiday tradition for me over the years, and I'm glad I had the chance to be a part of it.

Media Credits: The New York Times

Shared with a lot of excitement

When I first heard of Milk, I was a bit skeptical, but after my first sip, I was blown away, so now I'm super excited to share this pairing with the world.

Media Credits: AdStasher

Celebrating the holiday season

The #MilkandCookies Holiday Challenge lets fans share their unique Milk and Cookies treats this holiday season to celebrate all things Milk and Cookies.

Media Credits: This Vivacious Life

Cash prize to be won

It allows participants to win cash that can be used for holiday gifts or for themselves.

Media Credits: Camille Styles

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