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Is it Steven Moffat's The Time Travellers’ Wife to be streamed for season 2?

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Posted on: 20 Jun, 2022

Which novel did the creator Steven Moffat not adapt to the above drama series?

Based on Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling book, this adaptation only delivers part of the couple's epic story as Season 1 concluded with a bit of a cliff-hanger. Instead of the story carrying on beyond Clare Abshire and Henry De Tamble’s wedding, the season ended with the big event, which didn't play out quite the same as in the novel.

What was the previous theme for this series?

Henry De Tamble and Clare Abshire play the series as a couple whose fates are entwined by the former's genetic disorder, which affects him to travel through time sporadically.

The final episode of the series

The final episode in the season showed Clare Abshire and Henry de Tamble's wedding, an event that happened around mid-way through the book from which the plot ended. But has season 2 already been showing signals? Read on for details about season 2 of The Time Travellers' Wife.

Director’s interview regarding The Time Travellers’ Wife season 2

The series hasn't been renewed for season 2, but it's fair to say those involved in the first season want to make it happen. Last month, Steven Moffat told the media, 'I'm optimistic to write the second season right now.'Meanwhile, he told other media, 'You'd have to ask HBO. We don't know. Anyway, we seem to do it right now', while director David Nutter added, 'If the admirers are eager to watch, we'll get closer to that answer.'

Whether available a trailer for The Time Travellers’ Wife season 2?

There isn't a trailer available yet, but season 1 is open on Sky TV.

When will The Time Travellers’ Wife season 2 air on Sky Tv?

As the series hasn't been officially renewed yet, we can't be sure when a second season will hit Sky Atlantic. However, the filming for the first season began in May 2021, and the series went to air almost precisely a year later. That means if season 2 starts filming soon, we could see new episodes around a year from now, probably in summer 2023.

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