06 Jan, 2023

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A look at the most popular hair color trends of 2023

By FactsWow Team

Gemini hair

The Gemini Hairstyle has been dubbed this because it usually consists of two shades. 'Hair is an extension of fashion,' says hairstylist Quia Querisma.

Media Credits: Quia Querisma, Hairstylist

Targaryen blonde

Regarding blonde, Targaryen blonde is as virgin as it gets. It's as pure of a blonde as you can find.' says celebrity colorist Jenna Perry to Glamour.

Media Credits: New York Post

Cowgirl Copper

Cowgirl Copper is a particular shade of copper that experts predict will be in demand. Copper hair was a big trend in 2022 and will continue to be so this year.

Media Credits: Pinterest

Highlighted curls

People often fear that highlighted curls will damage delicate strands and lose their curl pattern, but both are possible,' celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas explains.

Media Credits: Us Weekly


In addition, eggplant hair color is a hair color that will appeal to brunettes who prefer toned-down colors without going lighter and bleaching.

Media Credits: Pinterest

Pastel rose

Pastel rose is first achieved by bleaching one's hair to the platinum blonde level, then tinting it with different hues of pastel colors, and a popular one is pink.

Media Credits: Gennifer Rose

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate cherry, which is a modern take on the brunette look but still living in a world of brunette, might be the right option for those who don't want to leap red.' according to hairstylist and colorist Jason Lee.

Media Credits: Yelp

Buttercream blonde

The double-process blonde will be in demand in 2023, says celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee. There will be no end to this trend, he predicts.

Media Credits: Wikidekh


With almost-black hair like Megan Fox's, you're always surprised - in some lights, it gives the impression of being black, while in others, it reveals brown hints.

Media Credits: Insider

California highlights

As Y2K fashion returned to style, California highlights were destined to become popular again.

Media Credits: Vogue

Vampy red hair

The play on redheads is a fun twist on the trend,' experts said. While copper remains a popular trend in 2023, deep vampy red is also predicted.

Media Credits: Pinterest

Winter gold

It is no secret that celebrities are big influences on hairstyle trends, and Winter Gold is a shade that has become popular since two models embraced it.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

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