08 Mar, 2023

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A Look At The Makeup Trends That Will Be Popular In 2023

By FactsWow Team

Trendy Makeup List

The biggest makeup trends of 2023 will be here as the year draws closer. There is something for everyone in the crystal ball, with high-impact finishes nestled alongside low-maintenance staples. Here are the makeup trends that will dominate 2023.

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A Blushing Drape

There is no doubt that blush has been a favourite since the seventies. Still, its placement is everything, as evidenced by the popularity of blush draping, which involves painting it from the cheekbones to the temples in a C-shaped pattern.

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Makeup With A Wet Look

Injecting a hint of pearly luminescence into your makeup will lift your looks from the wet hair look that has dominated the beauty circuit for a while now. If you want to nail it, you should swap out matte foundations and liquid highlighters for serum and liquid.

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Beauty With Embellishments

Euphoria is not slowing down, so ring in the bling with this year's bling trend. Women looking to ease into it can achieve bolder looks with rhinestone-laden makeup.

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Hues Of Neon

Do you need more time to be ready for rainbow hues? No worries; the spring/summer 2023 runways were awash with fuchsias and slime greens to inspire you to douse your lids in summer colours.

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Pastel Colours Are Playful

Try a soothing wash of icy hues if you want something more relaxing. With a soothing lilac in your home, you can welcome spring in style and lavender watercolour ombré.

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The Disco Brow

To complete your eye makeup, apply this last step, apply a layer of brow gel to give the glitter specs a steady base to stick to. Glitter brows were a hot trend at New York Fashion Week in spring/summer 2023.

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The Lips Of A Brownie

A favourite among Latinas and Blacks, freshly glazed brownie lips are credited to Hailey Bieber for its recent revival. With its iconic brown lip liner and balm, this makeup collection offers your lips an effortless, lived-in look.

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Make Your Eyeliner Invisible

Imagine you are new to graphic eyeliner. If this is the case, try out the invisible eyeliner trend. It is a deceptively simple, easy style that effectively uses negative space. To create a natural lift to the eyes, use a light shade of concealer rather than eyeliner.

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A Milky Manicure

Among the ongoing trends of nude manicures, milky nails have emerged as the new neutral, with celebrities wearing a sheer whitewash on their tips for a my-nails-but-better appearance.

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Lubricants for lips

A plumping oil sits between nourishing balms and glossy lip glosses, providing intense moisture while teasing your pout with a hint of colour.

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