Here are some great horoscopes for Monday, June 27, 2022

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 27 Jun, 2022

A stellar alignment of three zodiacal signs provides a good day for career pursuits today. During this time, the Moon and Mercury are both in Gemini, suggesting a theme of judgment and endurance for achieving professional goals, especially when it comes to expanding or promoting.

Anything related to careers or jobs is very favorable today. vored today. Having confidence in knowing that a new position, a new project, or even a promotion will work out for your best is essential in such situations.

Follow the same strategy in your career as you would in your personal life. As with a job, you would not show up late and fail to work hard and expect still to get a raise and be promoted - the same goes for love. 

It is all part of the buildup of energy, as the New Moon will enter Cancer tomorrow, but which will be celebrated tonight. You will experience new beginnings in your life during this lunar phase focused on the home, family, and committed relationships.


Your Moon in Gemini is constantly in motion today as Mercury in Gemini connects with Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Aries, and Saturn in retrograde Aquarius.

Gemini Season and your own Solar Return were just around the corner, and yet you felt like something was missing.


Your Moon represents your emotional self, putting the emphasis on your romantic side in Gemini. Career matters remain important to you, but your priorities have changed.

Your personal life is also benefiting from the Gemini Moon's connection to so many planets. We'll talk about communicating, having dreams of what we desire, taking action, and even balancing our karma as we ask you to incorporate what you have learned into growth.


You are experiencing a retrograde Saturn as it aligns with the Sun and Mars in Aries along with the Moon in Gemini today. The retrograde Saturn is affecting your career and personal life today.

Saturn wants to support you in achieving what it is you most desire, which should be congruent with what is also intended for you. The

As an introductory lesson today, let me emphasize the importance of connecting with your emotions, as this will help you take actions that are true to yourself. As long as your heart is aligned with your action, you have the opportunity to use your past experience to accomplish what you want.

Thank You!

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