28 Jun, 2022


Choose your ruling planet as it is essential, according to your zodiac sign!

By FactsWow Team

The planets!

The movement of the planets through the zodiac sign can interact with each other, more or less the basis of astrology. Their influence over the chart is hugely significant.

Aries – Mars!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet Mars, which is the red planet of war that symbolizes passion and love.

Taurus – Venus!

Taurus is full of love and divine femininity, ruled by the planet Venus. Being an earth sign, they focus on the resources, sensory experiences, and material things.

Gemini – Mercury!

Gemini is quick-witted and chatty as the planet of Mercury rules them. They are gifted in communication, able to articulate themselves well, and have the skill of sharing new ideas and information.

Cancer – The Moon!

The Moon is considered the planet that governs your mood and emotions. The Moon is associated with moodiness as they fall into more emotional waters. Cancer people are sensitive and vulnerable.

Leo – The Sun!

Leo is the second fire sign where the sun influence; this sign is clear because Leo has a unique way of shining its light on the world. The sun is at the center of our solar system, which strongly influences us.

Virgo – Mercury!

Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac world. Mercury rules it and is one of the few planets to rule two zodiac signs. They are practical earth signs.

Libra – Venus!

Libra is the sign ruled by the planet of love. Libra is associated with love and their romantic sensibilities and looks for love and relationship. They are associated with Venus's beauty and are known for their focus on aesthetics.

Scorpio – Pluto!

Scorpios are deep thinkers as they lie below the surface, matters of the subconscious mind. They could dig deeper.

Sagittarius – Jupiter!

It is also a fire sign known for being free-spirited, uplifting, and optimistic. Jupiter is the planet associated with personal expansion.

Capricorn – Saturn!

Capricorn is diligent and hard-working as they are ruled over by the strict planet Saturn. They had a commitment that allowed them to accomplish big things.

Aquarius – Uranus!

Uranus is the oddball planet of the solar system. Aquarius is the air sign that Uranus rules. They can be eccentric and forward-thinking.

Pisces – Neptune!

Pisces is the sign symbolized by two fishes, and it is a water sign. Neptune is associated with the illusion and dreams that nature can see of Pisces.

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