Begin your best week with the three most popular zodiac signs!

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Posted on: 28 Jun, 2022

Powerful start

From 27th June to 3rd July, it is the best week for three zodiac signs as they had a powerful start. So don't be surprised; there are many more to come on your way.

Encouraging yourself

You may be in the mood to embrace love, excitement, and pleasure on 28th June. The Cancer Sun will square off with larger-than-life Jupiter, encouraging you to give yourself the best.

A new moon in Cancer

You people feel more compassionate and caring when a new cancer moon occurs at 10:52 p.m. ET and lights a match in your heart.

Planet of love and friendship

Venus refers to the planet of love and friendship that forms a Sextile with optimistic Jupiter, makes you feel inspired by affectionate connections, and puts you in the right frame.

Planet of communication

Mercury is the planet of communication that forms a trine with Saturn-planet of longevity; on 2nd July there, you will be in a strong position to start a meaningful conversation.

Three zodiac signs

Your sun sign falls under any of these zodiac signs where you fell for a magical ride by this week are Gemini, Cancer, and Pisces.


Gemini people have luck where your newfound self-love is not going anywhere anytime soon. Venus will also Sextile Jupiter in your 11th house of friends, widening your social circle and increasing your level of popularity.

Something meaningful

Mercury in Gemini forms a trine with Saturn in your ninth house of big-picture thinking. You also see your ideas and belief systems in a brand new light.


You can get the truly game-changing power. A new moon in your first house beings on 28th June so that you get a better version of yourself than before.

Decide your future

No one gets to decide your future; only your heart guides you towards what you want to go next. You go for something harder than you even have before.


You can get fire this week and famous for your imaginative perspective of the world that was always tingling with magic. You might come up with new ideas that express your creativity.

A new moon in Cancer

You are clearly in the mood to express yourself and have fun doing it at this time. Living your life is an art, and you are the artist behind it.

Thank You!

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