What makes males suffer from breast cancer?

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Posted on: 22 Jun, 2022

Breast cancer in males is rare. According to the National Cancer Institute, men affect less than one percent of all breast cancer cases. They show that 2470 men are diagnosed yearly, and the disease will kill about 460 of them. A year in women, about 252,710 was a new diagnosis, with more than 40,000 deaths.

Is this common in men?

Men over 60 can have Breast cancer, but those who are younger can get it as well. This disease is related to high estrogen levels, such as cirrhosis or Klinefelter Syndrome. It may be due to family factors, including body weight, radiation exposure, estrogen use, and sex change.  

How can it be identified?

Breast cancer in men is expected in the breasts of preadolescent girls. Both have ducts under the nipple and areola, the ring of dark flesh around the nipple, and a bit of additional tissue. Male breasts don't have lobules; the only kind of cancer in men is ductal cancer.

Symptoms that cause breast cancer!

In men, the most common cause of breast lumps is gynecomastia, which is not cancer. It is a tumor that starts in the region of the ducts, and the common symptoms are immobile, painless lump below the areola and firm. Other symptoms are nipple discharge, an inversion or dimpling of the nipple, and swollen lymph nodes under the arm.

Breast cancer in men leads to death!

Men take longer to seek treatment for having breast cancer. Women at 40 regularly undergo mammograms to detect abnormalities at their earlier stages. Men have little breast tissue that takes less time to spread beyond the breast.

How does it gets diagnosed?

The most common is modified radical mastectomy, which involves removing all the breast tissue plus lymph nodes but leaving the chest wall muscles beneath the breast. Treatment generally used with surgical intervention includes chemotherapy, radiation, and medications that affect the body's hormonal balance.

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