Weight loss surgery in Mexico: All about Winter's Family Chantel

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Posted on: 09 Jun, 2022

The upcoming season of The Family Chantel will reveal additional information about Winter Everett's weight loss surgery, which has received much praise for her dramatic weight loss transformation.

As a result of losing weight over the past year, Chantel Jimeno's sister has become much slimmer. Weight loss surgery has also been an option for The Family Chantel star, while she has eaten healthy and worked out. Winter, Chantel's younger sister, is also well-liked by franchise fans despite being the glamorous star in her family.

As her relationship with Jah ended, Winter dealt with heartbreak most heavily during The Family Chantel season 3. Her soft demeanor and easygoing personality make her stand out among Atlanta's beauty queens, but Winter has struggled with feeling outshone by her older sister. While Winter's weight loss surgery will also be shown in season 4, Lily will be searching for love with someone new.

TLC, the official YouTube channel of The Family Chantel, has shared a preview of The Family Chantel season 4, in which Chantel expresses concern for her younger sister. The picture shows a nurse practitioner holding Winter while putting on protective clothing during her weight loss procedure in Mexico.

Chantel and Winter's mom Karen Everett says, 'There's no turning back now.' Chantel supports her younger sister, saying, 'It's going to be okay, Winter; this is your new beginning.' Chantel and Winter argued several times in the past, but big sister Chantel seems ready to support her.

The Family Chantel's Chantel expressed her worries for her sister Winter in the season trailer, as Winter's weight-loss procedure might have been successful, as evidenced by her Instagram account. Her sister is having a gastric sleeve procedure.

Winter, the younger sister of Chantel, attributes her weight loss to her gastric sleeve. Her stomach will be removed in 75% of its total size. The Family Chantel season 4 will spotlight Winter's weight loss and how she modified her lifestyle to achieve it. Chantel and Winter share their healthy meals and regular workouts online, demonstrating their commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Winter remains the most popular despite being the only 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast member to undergo weight loss surgery. Several cast members have shared their experiences with gastric sleeve surgeries and received much praise for their results.

Because Winter has been honest about the effort it takes to lose weight, even with surgery, she has earned considerable support from her viewers. Many The Family Chantel fans have closely followed Winter's weight loss process, and these fans have encouraged her to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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