05 Apr, 2023


Sitting Too Long? Know 7 Things That Can Happen To Your Body

By FactsWow Team

Effects Of Sitting For A Long Time

The health effects of prolonged sitting are well known. Our bodies suffer from severe backaches, stiff shoulders, and much more, but there is one part of the body that we rarely notice. That's your butt.

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Health Risks

All those hectic hours are doing their worst to your bums, and they are slowly receding. Gluteal Amnesia, also known as Dead Butt Syndrome, is another health risk associated with sitting all day that many people are unaware of, apart from obesity, rheumatic disorders, and diabetes. 

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Spending More Time On Work

It is high time everyone who sits at their desks for long hours starts taking better care of their derriere, despite the name being funny.

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What Is Dead Butt Syndrome?

Many people may suffer from dead butt syndrome without realizing it, as it is a common condition. 

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Reason For Dead Butt

It is self-explanatory that the muscles on your bum get used to not working properly when your hindquarters are inactive for a long period. 

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When Will You Sit For Long Hours?

In addition to sitting at your desk all day at the office, you may also be cramped on the couch while watching your favorite TV show, which could lead to a dead or forgetful butt.

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People Including Athletes

Bang warns that people who lead highly active lives, including marathon runners and hikers, can also develop this condition.

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Improved Imbalance

This condition may develop if there is a similar type of muscle imbalance among highly active people with strong quadriceps or hamstrings.

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Prevention Techniques

Exercise breaks and stretching during office hours have been repeatedly urged upon us. If that's not possible for you due to a hectic schedule or a deadline, it's time to pay attention to those warning signs.

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Daily Activities

It would help if you also made squats and walking lunges as part of your daily routine, Bang said. Also, add lying-down leg lifts to your routine.

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