09 Jan, 2023


Jeremy Renner sends a gratitude message to ICU staff and shares recovery update

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Following an accident involving a snowplow on New Year's Day, Jeremy Renner is still providing updates on his condition from the hospital.

Media Credits: Irish Mirror

Jeremy Renner celebrated birthday in hospital

The Hawkeye actor, who turned 52 on Friday, shared a picture of himself on his Instagram Story on Saturday, surrounded by hospital workers, along with a note of thanks.

Media Credits: Page Six

Jeremy Renner's state of healing

The actor's third hospital-based post was made on Friday as he continues to heal from the serious wounds he sustained in a snowplow accident earlier this month. He was taken from home to a hospital on Sunday and underwent surgery the next day.

Media Credits: Boom Live

Renner thanked his followers

In his first Instagram post from his hospital bed on Tuesday, Renner thanked his followers for their supportive words after learning of his injuries.

Media Credits: Deccan Herald

Renner spa therapy

Renner shared a video on his Instagram account on Thursday where his sister could be seen massaging his brother's head and making him laugh as his mom is watching, and the actor called it a spa time to lift his mood.

Media Credits: DeadLine

Renner cleared snow from driveway

On Sunday, he cleared the snow from his driveway so his family could leave the house after celebrating the new year together.

Media Credits: VanityFair

Renner assisted a stuck vehicle

When the incident happened, Renner was assisting a family member with a 'stuck' vehicle out of the 3 feet of snow that had fallen the previous night.

Media Credits: Yahoo

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