Ginger Zee's Brave Battle: From Suicide Struggles to Mental Health Champion

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Ginger Zee who is a meterologist of Good Morning America, shared about the experiences she had to go through when having consecutive suicidal thoughts and how she overcome these thoughts by seeking mental health awareness that help her led to a peaceful life.

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Ginger Zee’s Depression Journey after Being Diagnosed

It is not easy to come up with your depression and suicidal journey on a live television but Ginger Zee gather courage and present herself on the Quite Frankly Podcast, where she share about her steps to a better life.

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She said during the interview that ‘She was diagnosed with depression when she was only 21 years old, not only depression she stuggled with a disease called Anorexia in which the person does not want to eat anything and ultimately goes to the state of malnutrition by loosing great amount of weight.

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She further stated, ‘During the depression journey, lying came under the experts skills occupied by me, I continuously lied about myself by making everyone believe that I was okay and not in need of help.

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She lied to herself too, even when she was at the worst condition possible. The interview continued and finally opens up about how she seeked help.

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Ginger Zee’s Decision to seek help at hospital in Columbia

When Ginger Zee was having a depression battle and it was on peak, she decided to go to hospital and get herself checked. Surprisingly her visit to the hospital in Columbia was just ten days before she got appointed for the job that she has been dreaming for so long on National Television. She added that it was her mistake of not getting help, she should have done that before ten years.

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Ginger Zee’s Struggle with Depression, Anorexia and Suicidal Attempts

Ginger at 42 in a show opened up about the simultaneous attacks of depression, anorexia and an emotional abusive relationship led her to attempt suicide.

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At first, she didn’t know that she is in dire need of help and it was scared feeling to ask someone to help her. But it was not easier to ask as it seems to be.

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Zee’s Suicidal Awareness to Everyone

During the interview, she advised everyone to seek help by saying, “ If you are not feeling well and just wants to end your life at once, don’t do that seek help, you can be treated and be healthy once again, all you have to do is just ASK. There are therapies that can help youngesters to come back to life and be healthy as you were before.

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She added, now it’s her responsibility to help those who are struggling in this society by talking about the situations she has been through for 10 years because there are many who didn’t talk about it and is no more with us.

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Ginger’s Recovery to a Healthy Life

During the initial treatment at the Hospital, she decided to move on in life by involving herself in physical activities like running, jogging and work-out. She said that Running has been a close to her as it was the most powerful tool of hers during treatment and to get rid of depression.

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Soon after being used to it she was again fit and healthy, her mind was free from Suicidal thoughts, and was eating like a healthy person without getting offended.

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