06 Jan, 2023


COVID alert in China; no beds for patients in Beijing hospital!

By FactsWow Team

COVID-19 runs rampant!

A Beijing hospital has no beds; patients rest on stretches or lie on the hallway floors. The covid-19 infectious disease runs rampant in the country and stretches through the public health sectors.

Media Credits: The Times of Israel

No beds and no oxygen!

A worker in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital's emergency room told the source, 'We have no beds; we have no oxygen and a room full of sick people waiting.'

Media Credits: Reuters

Zero-Covid policy!

China has watched cases of COVID-19 of the country's zero COVID policy. The sudden shift occurred without an increase in vaccinations. The covid-19 wave was establishing hundreds of fever clinics to increase testing.

Media Credits: The Times of Israel

New arrivals in Beijing!

The hospitals were unprepared as the wave ended with the Chuiyangliu hospital in eastern Beijing packed with new arrivals. It was unable to sequester them on January 5.

Media Credits: New Straits Times

Bring your bed!

Based on the report, the hospital suggested people prepare their beds due to the shortage. Women bent with oxygen masks in the hallways as they waited for triage from doctors.

Media Credits: PBS

Highly contagious sub-variant!

Dr. Marc Siegel said there was the out-of-control spread of a highly contagious subvariant XBB and a high risk of a new and more dangerous variant emerging. China stuck with its vaccines, and there has yet to be much recent vaccine uptake.

Media Credits: Taiwan News

Death estimations!

The latest estimated deaths could rise from 9000 a day to 25,000 in January. It is a stark contrast to the astronomically low 5227 deaths before the end of zero-Covid compared to the total population.

Media Credits: New Straits Times

Covid-19 criteria!

China changed its criteria and its key data reporting that qualified as a COVID-related death caused by respiratory failure and pneumonia and ceased to asymptomatic cases.

Media Credits: Reuters

Mao Ning reported!

Mao said, 'the COVID situation in China is under control, but images show that China presents a different story as street cremations increase the number of deaths and bodies overwhelm funeral homes.'

Media Credits: Reuters

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