01 Apr, 2023


Concentrate On These Five Foods You Should Never Eat Before Bed

By FactsWow Team

Importance Of Night Sleep

You can reduce your risk for many medical conditions by getting a good night's sleep, including high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and stroke. 

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Foods To Sleep Better

Sleeping well is also associated with improved focus and performance. Some foods help you fall asleep faster, while others can make you stay awake, disturb your sleep cycle, and affect your sleep quality.

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Drinking Caffeine

Several nutrition experts advise against drinking coffee within six hours of bedtime because your body processes caffeine and eliminates it in six to eight hours.

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An Alcoholic Beverage

According to Dilley, alcohol does not necessarily promote improved quality of sleep overall, despite making it easier to fall asleep at first.

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Taking Large Meals

Experts recommend giving your body time to digest a large meal before turning off the lights two or three hours before bedtime.

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Fat-Containing Foods

If you are going to sleep for the night, steer clear of heavier-fat meals. Eating too much fat will slow digestion and cause heartburn, making sleeping difficult.

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A Spicy Meal

It is recommended that you allow yourself more than two hours before bedtime to digest spicy food, as it can trigger indigestion and heartburn.

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