Know what the wonder fruit called Kiwi does to your body ?

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 13 Jun, 2022

Kiwi, a Power packed subtropical fruit

Kiwi can be added to your diet-filled super bowl while making fruit salads as it has that natural sweetness that you can taste anywhere, provided you carry a few in your pockets. When you cut open a Kiwi, a green, firm flesh or sometimes golden depending on the variety, is visible with black seeds embedded around the elliptical white center. This flesh does wonders to your body.

Kiwi builds a robust immune system:

Eating two Kiwis a day does the magic as Kiwi is loaded with Vitamin C that supports your immune system by keeping you strong and healthy.

Kiwi aids in digestion:

Kiwi has an enzyme called actinidin, which helps break specific proteins in the digestion process, the proteins found in yogurts, cheeses, and fish. Moreover, Kiwi is enriched with a good source of fiber that supports bowel movement and keeps your gut healthy. Eating Kiwi with outer brown skin helps gut health. As a result, a Kiwi leaves zero percentage waste as everything is edible.

Kiwi solves your sleeping disorder:

According to the CDC, it is reported that 3 in 1 adult do not get proper sleep. Thanks to antioxidants and serotonin in the Kiwi as it supports sleep. Based on a study conducted, it was proved that eating two Kiwi one hour before going to bed every night for a month improves sleep in adults.

Kiwi helps in iron absorption:

As Kiwi contains Vitamin C, it can absorb iron in the body, so consuming it along with other iron-rich sources like Spinach, nuts, and dates helps the body absorb more nutrients from the iron-rich source.

Kiwi comes with great news for smokers:

Based on a clinical trial among male smokers, eating three Kiwi for eight weeks every day decreases 10mm Hg in Systolic blood pressure and 9mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure.To smokers out there, try eating Kiwi daily, as it decreases blood pressure.

For good health, kiwi is key!

Load your plate with the goodness of kiwi every day, get ready to reap the benefits by dazzling your health.

Thank You!

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