Ai Roker Reflects On Being 'Alive' At 69th Birthday After Health Struggles

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AI Roker

After passing through scary health challenges, AI Roker took to Instagram to express thanks and gratitude for his 69th Birthday. He told fans during a brisk walk, 'Good morning, everyone, I think you are having a fabulous Sunday.'

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Roker Feels Grateful

AI Roker further elaborated that this is my 69th Birth anniversary of orbiting the sun. Once He went through everything at the end of last year, he is more grateful of being celebrating his Birthday.

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God Bless the Fans

AI Roker continued to say that he was the individual who sent him good and well wishes; he wanted God to bless them. He thanked the fans so much and appreciated their lovely blessing. He felt so grateful for this. Follow more at and stay connected for more hit stories.

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Deborah Roberts

AI Roker thanked the 'Today Show family,' his wife Deborah Roberts, son Nick and daughters Leila and Courtney, who gave him the biggest gifts ever, little Skye. There are a lot of reasons to be grateful for his Birthday. He felt glad to be alive and thanked all.

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The Weatherman

The Weatherman, Al Roker, signed off by blowing a kiss to the camera and expressing his gratitude for another birthday milestone. 'Grateful for another trip around the sun,' he wrote in his caption.

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Kathie Lee Gifford

Other well-wishers from the comment section were a fellow television personality, Kathie Lee Gifford. She mentioned, 'Happy Birthday, my old friend. I am genuinely proud of how you look after yourself.

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The fan is grateful to AI Roker

A fan remarked on a post, 'AI Roker, we're grateful to you. It's glad to see you happy and well. We all love you. Another fan commented, Happy Birthday, AI Roker. You're the shining spot in our many lives. Your positivity stimulates us all.

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AI Roker's Gratitude Post

Following his recent health scare, Al Roker reflected on his gratitude for each day, especially his 69th Birthday. He was thrilled to celebrate another year of life after overcoming blood clots in November 2022 and a total knee replacement in May 2023.

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Courtney Welcomed A Baby Girl

In addition to overcoming two significant health hurdles, Al Roker received exciting news in July 2023 when his daughter Courtney welcomed his first grandchild, a baby girl named Skye. Explore more at and keep an eye straight on our latest blogs.

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America's Best-known Weatherman

As Al Roker turned 69, he expressed gratitude for another birthday milestone, writing that he's 'more than grateful' to celebrate this year of life. Despite recent health struggles, Roker remains positive and optimistic, reflecting on all the blessings in his life.

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