Uber Eats Order Supposedly Delivered With Piece Taken Out Of Burger

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Posted on: 14 Apr, 2022

Uber Eats Customer

A food order delivered to an Uber Eats customer was allegedly not precisely what the customer expected.

Well, That Sucks, Subreddit

Reddit User Whatsqwerty posted on a weekday on the social platform Well That Sucks subreddit, where it has been upvoted overtimes.

Food Bags

We got the food. Bags looked fine, Alex said. I had one item. I went to open my burger, and there was a bite out of it.

Bite Missing

When he primarily saw the bite missing from his burger, he couldn,t help but laugh because it was so weird and unbelievable. But then he became a little angry.

The Packaged Food

He said we don,t know if it was the driver or someone at the restaurant. It could have been someone who makes or packages the food too. However, it was very surreal in this happening moment.

Food Coming

With COVID and everything, it felt personal. I hope the food is safe and not possibly intentionally laced with COVID.

Other Type Of Compensation

When he asked if he reached out to Uber Eats for a potential refund and some other type of compensation, he did; however, the food delivery service had been unresponsive.

Dairy Queen Spokesperson

Dairy Queen seriously makes its food,s quality and safety, whether fans are dining in a restaurant or order for take-out or delivery, a Dairy Queen spokesperson told.

Franchisee Investigate

This restaurant is owned and operated, and we are working with the franchisee to investigate this situation.

Uber Eats Website Say

The Uber Eats rules said they issue refunds to customers missing items from their orders, customers who receive items

Customers who receive incorrect orders

Still, it,s not as they ordered them, and customers who receive incorrect orders, such as a whole order not being delivered or obtaining someone else,s order entirely.Alex told them the burger was intended to be his dinner; however, he discarded the item.

People Respect

He said I hope people respect each other and do the right thing. I try to myself, and that,s the only way things will get better.One Redditor from the United Kingdom asked Alex if there was a seal on the hamburger box delivered.

One Of The Redditors Says

I,m not saying this can,t happen, but it seems extremely unlikely, one Redditor said. They had to know whoever got it would complain.

Uber Blame The Driver

If the driver did do it, they,re probably banking on the restaurant taking the blame. If the restaurant employee did it, they hoped Uber would blame the driver.

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