Some Interesting  tidbits about Serena William's eating habits and dieting process

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Posted on: 19 Apr, 2022

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the great athletes in the world. Aside from the crazy training sessions, nutrition has been a massive part of his success in tennis.

One thing we do know about Serena

According to Bon Appetit, Serena is very disciplined in nutrition after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjogren,s Syndrome.

She eats plant-based

Serena often eats plant-based foods. ,Eat to live. Do not live to eat,, he said of his philosophy of women,s health.

From Serena

Serena continued, ,I want to have a healthier lifestyle, so you know, [I eat] lots of greens and mostly plant-based, more healthy products lately.,

She Prioritizes protein

In December 2020, Serena helped launch a new vegetarian protein shake called Happy Viking, which she co-founded with beverage company Dyla Brands. She eats this; it,s not! Even though they are plant-based, these help her get enough protein. 

She likes to cook

Serena prefers to cook for herself when the time is right rather than ordering and eating out.

Serena told Women’s Health.

,I love cooking. I don,t have much time to do it often, but I love cooking, and it,s kind of relaxing for me,, she told Gynecology.  

She drinks a lot of water.

Serena is too hydrated. He told Glamor, ,Hydration is essential for everything from skin to muscle recovery, so I try to ensure water is always near my bed.

She eats like an athlete before big matches.

Serena is brilliant about her nutrition, especially before a big tennis match.

She,s super disciplined

Serena, too, can be like a machine for eating healthy to achieve her goals.  

  Serena also has a sweet tooth.

Technically, she calls it ,taste and sweetness., When asked if you,re a sweet or spicy person, he said, ,I,m terrible at taste and sweetness.

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