05 Apr, 2023


McDonald's Prepares LayOff Notices After Temporarily Closing US Offices

By FactsWow Team

Ensures Employees Are Notified

This week, McDonald's Corp. announced it would lay off employees as part of a broader restructuring as it prepares to notify employees about job cuts.

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Choosing Staff Virtually

It asked some international workers and some US employees last week to work from home during the week so it could make staffing decisions virtually, the report said.

Media Credits: McDonalds

LayOffs May Occur

Several employees may be laid off, but how many must be clarified.

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Message View In A Journal

In its message viewed by the Journal, the Chicago-based company announced that it would communicate key personnel decisions during the week of April 3.

Media Credits: New York Post

Keeping Meetings To A Minimum

According to the report, McDonald's also asked employees to avoid meeting with vendors or outside parties at the company's headquarters.

Media Credits: Yahoo Finance

The Response Was Delayed For Some Time

In response to Reuters' request for comment, McDonald's responded after some time.

Media Credits: Cheshire Live

A Possible Expansion Is Possible

Fast-food chain McDonald's announced in January that it would review corporate staffing levels. Layoffs occur in some areas, but expansion could happen in others.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Announce Key Decisions To The Public

Approximately one week from now, McDonald's will begin announcing key decisions.

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