KFC Made A Spork You Can Wear On Your Fingers. Here’s How to Get Them

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Posted on: 23 Jun, 2022


Introducing KFC Finger Sporks, KFC's latest ergonomic and gourmet piece of tableware-tech that'll bring out the joy in family supper,' KFC stated. The spork is undoubtedly the greatest advancement in cutlery.

Finger Spork distribution has been announced by KFC

They may now be worn on your fingers.KFC has announced plans to distribute Finger Sporks, utensils that combine the best of the spoon and fork and can be worn on the index finger.

About The Brand

The firm has even prepared a 1990s-inspired commercial 'to illustrate how to use the new finger-lickin' excellent utensil — harkening back to a period of scrunchies and boomboxes.'

Parents of millennials may experience nostalgia

Millennial parents will feel nostalgic as they witness one family transform their supper from OK to finger-lickin' good!'

How it’s different From the Regular?

KFC Finger Sporks are a novel twist on the traditional sporks that KFC helped popularise in the early 1970s when Colonel Harland Sanders embraced them as the utensil of choice for all of his Kentucky Fried Chicken locations. 

KFC’s finger sporks

With characteristics like precise prong articulation, anterior branding optimization, and spasticity innovation, KFC's Finger Sporks scoop out your mac & cheese, retrieve that last bit of corn, and delight in your mashed potatoes more enjoyable.'

The KFC Sides Lovers Meal Includes

The KFC Sides Lovers Meal comes with eight pieces of fried chicken or extra crispy nuggets and your choice of three big sides - Secret Recipe. Fries, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes with or without gravy, cole slaw, and corn - and four biscuits

Using The Spork Is Pretty Straightforward

You slide one onto your index finger and begin chewing. 'Every element of the unique Finger Spork has been painstakingly created and pressure tested - by means of devouring countless KFC sides – for the ideal finger lickin' excellent experience,' said Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer of KFC U.S., in a statement.

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