25 Jul, 2023


Focused diet! Mediterranean diet of a Greek nutritionist!

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Greek Nutritionist!

Elena Paravantes, a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in it, ate the Mediterranean diet as a child in Greece. She discussed nine diet-related blunders people make and her favorite breakfast recipes.

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Healthier food choices!

Instead of counting calories, the diet emphasizes making healthier food choices. It includes a lot of vegetables, beans, and olive oil and very little red meat or processed food.

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Mediterranean diet!

Paravantes says the Mediterranean diet often includes flavourful breakfasts in lesser quantities. Because savory meals wouldn't induce blood sugar spikes, which can lead to energy crashes like sweet breakfasts, she advised against them.

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Pan con tomate!

A traditional Spanish delicacy known as pan con tomate, or bread with tomato, can be enjoyed as part of tapas or at any meal.

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Advantage of Pan con tomate!

The healthy fats and veggies will help you consume less sugar while keeping you full and maintaining a stable blood sugar level, according to Paravantes. Fiber, found in vegetables and passes gradually through your digestive system, helps you feel fuller for longer.

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Baked eggs with spinach and feat!

For breakfast, eggs, feta, and spinach are roasted with pepper and olive oil. According to Paravantes, this breakfast is excellent for long and hectic days since it has three servings of veggies in a single meal and is also full because of the protein in the eggs and feta.

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Tahini and feta toast!

According to Paravantes, this quick and simple breakfast is satisfying and tasty. Spread tahini, essentially sesame seed butter, on toast and garnish with pine nuts and a small amount of feta to make this breakfast.

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Advantage of Tahini and feta toast!

She advised using whole-grain bread since it has a high fiber content and can be associated with a decreased risk of heart disease. This toast is a fantastic fiber, healthy fats, and protein source.

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Greek yogurt with honey, walnuts, and dried fruits!

Paravantes suggested the traditional Mediterranean meal of Greek yogurt topped with fruit and almonds if you can't help but crave a sweet morning.

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Advantage of Greek yogurt with honey, walnuts, and dried fruits!

Greek yogurt includes more protein, vitamins, and minerals than other varieties of yogurt, making it healthier overall.

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Bulgar wheat oatmeal!

Even though oatmeal is a traditional morning food in the Mediterranean region, Paravantes advised trying bulgur wheat or barley instead since they are excellent sources of fiber and will help you feel full until lunch.

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