Do you know what 'dirty soda' is? Social media is buzzing with Utah's beloved beverage

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 03 May, 2022

In recent weeks, a relatively new food trend that originated in Utah - dirty soda - has been making waves nationwide thanks to social media.

This drink is nothing more than soda mixed with any combination of syrups, juices, purees, dairy products, coffee creamer, or other flavorings.

Utahns began embracing this idea in the 2010s, a phenomenon likely fueled by its large population of Latter-day Saints seeking an alternative to alcoholic cocktails and coffee.

As coffee drinkers have fetishized their favorite beverage, Utahns have done the same with their modest vice, as Salt Lake Magazine,s Jeremy Pugh once explained.

Several chains specialize in dirty soda in Utah, including Swig, Sodalicious, and Fizz

The companies have already opened locations outside of their home states, but the concept wasn,t widely known until late 2021, when ,Drivers License, singer Olivia Rodrigo was photographed holding a foam cup from Swig.

TikTok noticed right around then. Millions of videos explaining the finer points of dirty sodas (or ,Utah sodas,) have been viewed on social media in the months that followed, some as recipe tutorials or reviews.

Utah has a lot of fun drink places around us where they add all kinds of fun stuff to the drinks, which I believe is why 70% of the population has a soda addiction, including myself,, said TikTok user @hailee_claycomb in a video.

That video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times since March 29. My house is just five minutes away from three different drink places, like soda shops.,

Another TikTok user, @taylorblender, who previously worked at a soda shop, said, ,These people are literally addicted to their sodas., She also said that many customers would top their sodas with whipped cream, sprinkles, or candy.

TikTok taste-testers have become enamored with the ,dirty Coke,, made with Diet Coke, coconut coffee creamer, and lime juice., I am thoroughly surprised,, one reviewer said. ,This really is amazing., Another TikTok user said, ,I,m addicted to you Utah girls.,

We still don,t know whether #dirtyCoke is a fleeting social-media trend or will become a gateway beverage that normalizes ,dirty, sodas nationwide. These chains are betting on the latter, with Swig expanding as far as Texas in May.

Some people may find it odd, but it,s happiness in a cup,, Swig co-founder Nicole Tanner told The New York Times earlier this year. It is something that should and can go everywhere. I knew this from the start.,

We should follow Utah,s lead and get our hands dirty with our soda, what,s stopping us?

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