After the formula shortage, First overseas shipment arrives; Abbott’s CEO apologizes.

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 24 May, 2022

Voluntary recall of widely sold baby formula brands created a nationwide formula shortage.

The CEO of Abbott apologizes for the crisis as President Biden approved the first overseas shipment of formula arrived in the U.S on Sunday.

Based on an op-ed published in the Washington Post, Saturday, CEO Robert Ford wrote that they are incredibly sorry to every family as they have let down since the voluntary recall indignant the country,s baby formula shortage.

This shortage was a reason for disruptions in the supply chain, with limited competition in the market with exclusive contracts and a few large suppliers.

Abbott, Nation,s largest plant in Michigan, was closed voluntarily as four children fell sick with bacterial infections.

Ford wrote that the company believed that recalling was the right thing to be done as the company would never compromise on the children,s health.

Since the recall of the baby formula, parts have reported empty shelves and limited the purchase of the formula.  

Children from states like Tennessee, Georgia, Wisconsin, and other conditions have been hospitalized due to the shortage.  

Some of the products that are affected by the shortage are hypoallergenic formulas designed for children with milk allergies and other allergies like normally digesting food.

Abbott is ready with a fund of $5 million to help those affected families.

Many baby formula is sold through WIC, a government program that provides the formula at a subsidized rate for low-income families.

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