22 Dec, 2022


Zebra Shark delivers pups Through Virgin Birth at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium

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Chicago aquarium bred in 2004

According to the study published in the Journal of Fish Biology, the Chicago aquarium started to witness breeding in 2004.

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Based on the press release

The press release of Assistant Director of Animal Operations and Habitats at Shedd Aquarium Lise Watson stated that the team has started to test to confirm whether the sharks are the parents of the offspring.

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Breeding to maximize in future

As one of the study's authors, Watson confirmed the offspring's lineage through which the breeding decision to be made to maximize the diversity in the future.

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Shedd's Wild Reef show

A large habitat with various sharks, including zebra sharks, is part of Shedd's Wild Reef show.

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Bubbles shark

The most interesting fact is that a shark named Bubbles was surrounded by three male sharks and probably mated with one.

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Bubbles' shark pups

However, a 2008 DNA examination of Bubbles' shark pups revealed that they did not resemble any male sharks housed in the cage but matched with the female that laid eggs.

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A wonder birth

The press release also noted that Animals like starfish, sea worms, and stick insects frequently undergo parthenogenesis, whereas vertebrates rarely do.

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Bubble's pup's lifetime

Pups born by virgin births don't survive long, and Bubble's pups.

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