09 Jan, 2023


Your guide to watch ‘60 Minutes’ with Prince Harry

By FactsWow Team

Fame game

The show ‘60 Minutes’ is popular for covering investigative stories and reports. It features all the interviews, segments, and profiles of people in journalism.

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CBS Station

People using Cable can find their CBS station with the help of a provider.

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No Cable

People with no cable can tune in to CBS in real-time on Sunday night. It will come through a free trial from either DirectTVStream or FuboTV.

Media Credits: SheKnows

Prince Harry

Based on the report, Prince Harry will be talking to Anderson Cooper on Sunday. It is Prince Harry's first American TV interview. They will be talking about his memoir Spare.

Media Credits: NBS News

How to watch 60 Minutes?

The audience can either watch it on FuboTV or DirectTVStream. Either of them will offer a trial for new users.

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About DirectTVStream

DirectTVStream is a streaming platform that offers a variety of content streaming of all best on demand. It starts with more than 75 channels.

Media Credits: Cafemom.com

About FuboTV

FuboTV is an over-the-top internet live-streaming platform that offers over 100 channels. It covers all the news, sports, entertainment, and local channels.

Media Credits: Daily Express

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