24 Dec, 2022


Young & Restless star Eric Braeden gets knee replacement surgery

By FactsWow Team

Eric Braeden recovery

Eric Braeden, from his recovery stage, updates all his fans and followers on social media.

Credits: Soap Opera Digest

Eric Braeden's good time in recovery

Eric Braeden had a good time in the hospital recovering from his surgery and enjoyed the hospital cuisine during his stay.

Credits: Daytime Confindential

Eric's Twitter post

Being in the hospital for five consecutive days doing nothing, Eric shared a video on Twitter, which he captioned Going Crazy.

Credits: Daytime Confindential

Eric keeps himself fit

Despite the trouble he underwent, he could still do all exercises to keep himself fit; however, his surgery restricted him.

Credits: Amomams

Eric Braeden's love for boxing

Eric Braeden is passionate about boxing and maintains his shape through the sport.

Credits: Soap Opera Digest

On-screen Eric

One can catch him doing it on TV when Eric has to let off some steam! It comes as no surprise that he is sitting on the side of his bed in recuperation doing this.

Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Eric Braeden's exercise routine

It can take the Young & Restless star weeks to resume an exercise routine, and we hate to be the ones to say it.

Credits: AlloCine

Fan's eagerness for Eric

Fans are eager to follow Braeden's progress, which we are confident will happen quickly considering how good of shape he is.

Credits: Premiere

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