Y & R spoilers for August 19, 2022: Chelsea's choice stuns Jack, Diane kisses Billy

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Posted on: 20 Aug, 2022

There will be a closer relationship between Diane and Jack on The Young And The Restless on August 19, 2022. They might even kiss each other. 

Victor will continue to cover up the truth in the meantime. Considering Nick's guilt-driven nature, he might surrender to the police. Chelsea's decision will be supported by Billy, but he will also express concern for Johnny. Chelsea will be shocked by this news. 

Billy will be sandwiched between Victoria and Chelsea since there is an ongoing rift between them. Based on The Young And The Restless spoilers, Billy is said to take a stand for Chelsea in the end. 

There is a possibility that the kiss was a daydream, according to Y&R spoilers. It is possible that Diane comes out of her dream bubble and realizes that she is only dreaming. 

Although Jack likes Diane's company, fans are already aware of this. Additionally, he acknowledges her behavior change. How does it work? It seems likely that they will kiss, considering everything. It will be revealed in today’s episode.

Victor's cover-up of the Ashland case will continue elsewhere. The drama won't hold Chance's attention. Rather, he wants to bring justice to the victim by uncovering the convict. 

Nevertheless, he will remember the efforts Victor is making later on in his life. At the end of the day, Nick is going to back off and wait patiently to see what fate has in store for him.

Nick will drown in guilt and feel miserable as a result of his situation once it is over with him. There is even a possibility that he might decide to surrender to the police. 

Chelsea is Johnny's biological mother, and he will agree with her decision. Billy, however, may be concerned about the timing of the event because it is not the right time. 

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